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Interesting our awesome catering services? Just see our best services below!



Dining Arrangements

Table, chair and dining hall decoration with more than 30 themes for 50 site in a day

Live Juice

Fruit juice, mojitos, sarbath items can provide live base with attractive presentation on counters

Rental Store

Food service items and kitchen equipments for rental basis available with clean and wrap method

All Dessert Items

Live ice creams, kulfi, popcorn, sugar Candy all these sweet and spicy items available in live preparation with customer choice.

Food Counters

Food presentation is an art we can do it with specialised food counters and attractive choice.

Hosting crew

Hospitality Management with handsome figure of 200.

Green Protocol

Reducing plastic and disposable items by promoting reusable plates and glass bottles etc for sustainable development and clean city.

Security Service

Valet parking and vehicle management system with well trained Tallmen security.

Service Staff

Trained and passionate service captains supervisors of 800 nos can manage 50 sites in a day.

Live Pastries/Cake Station

Cakes, short pudding, muffins can prepare and present in a dynamic way.

Panthal Decoration

We providing roofing, carpeting and other all type panthal items.